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INVEST South/West Austin RFP: Austin United Alliance
Chicago DPD

INVEST South/West Austin RFP: Austin United Alliance

The Project - Laramie State Bank

Everything about INVEST South/West is aspirational. It is about a new beginning for many neighborhoods and for the entire City. Before The Austin United Alliance began our work, we asked ourselves what really matters, what are our values. The answer is captured in three words: Catalyze, Socialize and Localize:

Catalyze - A design that is a catalyst for Austin’s renewal. An architecture that sparks investment in the surrounding blocks. A design that pairs iconic new architecture with an innovative adaptive reuse of the historic bank. An architecture that is high impact but affordable.

Socialize - An architecture that welcomes community members and is buzzing with activity. An accessible design that connects affordable housing to the community. An architecture that is scaled to the human and focuses on the pedestrian. Everything is walkable, approachable, and purposeful.

Localize - A building and place that is in Austin and for Austin. A design that celebrates Austin through art, architecture, and a compelling narrative. A community-based non-profit that owns and operates the commercial/retail spaces in the rehabbed bank building and puts any profits back into the community to further build community wealth. A new green space and hub for Chicago Avenue in Austin.

Community Benefits

  • Advancing the Austin Quality of Life Plan

  • Economic Impact- Jobs: retained/created/permanent/= approx. 277

  • Wealth Distribution Back into the Community

Project Features

  • 76 New Affordable rental housing units

  • Energy savings (solar panel)

  • New bank branch

  • Business incubator

  • Coffee Lounge

  • Blues Museum

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