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How many businesses would you expect to have in the incubator program? What is the amount of space designated for the co-working space? We are finalizing the floor plans and do not have this mapped out completely at this time.


Is there any room to modify the redevelopment plan based on feedback from your community engagement efforts; for example, the housing density? We’ve heard some concerns related to that at such a prominent intersection. The prominence of the intersection is why this project will be catalytic and our design addresses many of the concerns. 


How much say does the community board have in redeveloping this plan to address the many concerns? The community’s concerns were embedded within the City’s RFP. Of course, displaying our design so that people can really visualize this is important. For us – once site control is achieved, we can display a banner featuring our respective logos and the site design. 


Besides the business spaces, will there be room for more cultural programs and exhibits? In addition to business spaces, the project will house the Chicago Blues Museum. Other cultural programs and exhibits may also become part of the project.


76 units means a lot of cars even if only half the occupiers are driving households. The 30 parking spaces required by zoning and the fact that is on Latrobe St. off of the major intersection will divert traffic. 


Is OPRHC or Heartland Housing choosing the residents that will be living in the building? Our tenant selection plan will have a provision for Austin residents. Further details are forthcoming.


Will there be jobs for the people who are moving to this development so they can regularly patronize the businesses that are on and will be coming to Chicago Ave? Jobs for residents creates a conflict and is not something that we can directly facilitate specifically for the income restricted units. The tenants’ employment is their own responsibility and not an area that we will be involved in. We will need to verify the accurate income levels for tenants to ensure compliance for the income restricted units. For the unrestricted units, we will need to verify income for the traditional rental process. 

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