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Community Engagement

Our approach to engaging the Austin community welcomes and invites public participation at every level of project development.

  • Inform: We ensure the facts surrounding the Laramie State Bank development are clearly communicated to Austin families and will continue to share new information in a timely manner. 

  • Consult: We invite and welcome feedback from the community and, whenever possible, will integrate that feedback into our development plans.

  • Involve: We're providing opportunities for Austin residents to volunteer on mission-critical tasks, donate towards community reinvestment, attend events and meetings and make other important contributions.

  • Collaborate: We can only succeed by working together. That’s why we are co-creating a more fair and equitable strategy where all Austin families have a voice, a role and a stake in the success of the development project.

  • Empower: We need more leaders! Become a project Ambassador, host an informational meeting at your home. Let’s shape the future of our community by leading the way and standing up for Austin--together.

Join a Community Engagement Committee

The purpose of the Austin United Alliance community engagement committees is to empower caring, engaged Austin residents to shape the future of their community. Committee members will leverage new resources and opportunities to improve quality of life and effect transformational outcomes for Austin residents.

Learn about each committee at the bottom of this page, then join up to two(2) committees using the form below. 

Choose up to two (2) Community Engagement Committees:
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Join the Arts + Culture Committee!

The LSB Arts + Culture committee is comprised of volunteer members who appreciate the arts and are committed to preserving and celebrating BIPOC culture. The Arts + Culture committee is dedicated to the beautification, enrichment, and cultural growth of the Austin community.

Arts + Culture Committee Mission 


Artistic Mission: To ensure the architectural design of the Laramie State Bank building and associated images and exhibits are not only high quality but also representative of the people, cultures, and histories of the Austin community. 


Cultural Mission: To empower local artists and culturalists with opportunities and resources to define the cultural landscape of the Austin community and thrive in their role as teachers and preservers of local BIPOC narratives. 


Committee Focus on Austin Youth

 The Arts + Culture Committee has a special focus on providing Austin youth with a public forum for the exhibition of their art. The goal is to nurture, enable and inspire Austin’s youth so that as they prepare for the challenges of the future, they will do so with self-confidence, a creative spirit, and a caring heart. And in so doing, we believe their influence will contribute to the well-being of their communities and their world.


Join the Economic Development Committee!

The Economic Development Committee is comprised of local business owners, entrepreneurs and Austin residents who want to see the community thrive economically.


Economic Development Committee Mission

Promote, encourage, and guide responsible and well-planned business and housing growth along Austin’s Soul City corridor towards a more resilient local economy and a solvent Austin Commercial TIF fund.


Committee Focus on Wealth Building Opportunities

Closing the racial wealth gap and creating generational prosperity for Austin residents is a primary focus of this committee, including improving financial literacy and debt management, increasing homeownership among BIPOC residents, and supporting entrepreneurial enterprises that offer good-paying jobs for Austin workers. 


Join the Public Safety Committee!

The Public Safety Committee is comprised of volunteer members who care about their community and are committed to protecting our most vulnerable residents while empowering at-risk youth on their journey toward adult life success. 


Public Safety Committee Mission

 Design community-oriented solutions to the public safety challenges facing the Austin community and coordinate local resources, expertise, and data to lead a “whole of community” approach to violence prevention.


Focus on Fighting Recidivism 

 Housing insecurity is common among justice-involved citizens and is closely associated with increased risk of recidivism. The Austin community has one of Chicago’s highest reentry populations. Fighting recidivism is a primary focus of the Public Safety committee, including a special focus on preventing juvenile recidivism. The Public Safety Committee is charged with leveraging affordable housing opportunities to help reduce recidivism and empowering civically engaged residents to prevent violence and improve community-police relations.

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